Thursday, April 5, 2012

Charlotte becomes "so happy, she's terrified."

Remember the First Sex and the City Movie, when Charlotte finds out she is pregnant, much to her joy. It seems that everything Charlotte has ever wanted is finally coming true, and Charlotte becomes "so happy, she's terrified."
and that is actually how I feel every single day..

Pregnant women are bombarded by lists of do’s and don’ts from almost everyone close to them.
And it is really hard if you are a first time mom and living out of your usual comfort zone.
For the Chinese, there is actually quite a long list of pregnancy taboos that a woman should not break while she is carrying.
And honestly, it somehow affect me though I am not supertitious, I become scared with a lot of things.

Last weekend, we went to Bintan, Indonesia to celebrate the 39th Bday of my friend, Asia.
I thought that they were joking when they told me the activities for the weekend which includes:
Horseback riding, Elephant Trail, Flying Fox, Bowling, Kayaking, Archery and Rifle shooting.
Seriously, they are really not joking, I didnt want to do any of these activities because I am scared, scared that I might hurt my baby.  But "my love" (my husband) told me not to be scared or else our baby will be scared too.  He said that there are some studies relating maternal attitudes to the emotional development of the offspring do indeed reveal a tendency for anxious mothers to produce anxious babies. So...I condition my mind just to entertain pure positive thoughts and energy and see where it leads me...

In France, my love have a horse named Ivoire and because we cannot bring in Singapore, so whenever he had a chance to ride a horse...its a must!

of course someone needs to hold the horse

Mely, my 21 year old elephant from Sumatra and his master, Wayan

My elephant is the smallest

my love better not play, play or else this will happen to you..

..all I can say after doing all these activities, I am so proud of myself and my baby!


  1. Oh wow! I have never been on an elephant. You look so happy there. I wish I could go on a trip like that anytime soon. It seems like such a fun adventure. I am glad you were brave enough to those things. I agree with your hubby, just have go out there and have some fun. You look great, do I see a little baby bump?:)

  2. yeah I have a little baby bump (I'm going 16 weeks that time) I feel my bump is really small, need to eat a lot more

  3. If there is a like button (like Facebook), I would have clicked it several times! Well done for conquering your fears although I am very aware that you took precautions for the safety of your baby. Better do things now while you are still capable because once the little one arrives, it would be a different story. Fear is normal. I would be alarmed if you don't have any. But be assured that as each week passes by perfectly then all is well with your pregnancy. You look great sis! Baby bump is hardly showing. My regards to Asia and your love.