Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dancing in the Rain

"Life isn't about learning how to survive the storm but rather learning how to dance in the rain"I love this quote.  I couldn't figure out who originally wrote it but whoever he/she is, deserves much credit.
Jumping in a little puddle of rain

For the past week, we heard news from our fellow blog author that was very heartbreaking.  I pray that this posting will encourage her to share her story and be able to heal from the storm that passed her by.  I always believe that in every storm and rain in our life, sunshine and rainbow will soon to follow.  I know it is easier said than done.  Waiting for a storm to pass is the hardest part, because you don't really know how long it lasts.  The good thing is, there is always hope that it will get better.

The snails come out to join us, she just loves them
Happy and Soaking wet

We have been having Springtime showers every weekend.  I don't know if I have learned to look forward to it but it definitely made me prepared to go out and at least have some fun.  Last Sunday, I would have just loved to stay indoors while it was pouring out, but my little one wanted to play in the puddle.

I always loved the rain.  As long as I get to stay home and just listen to it while I drink a cup of hot chocolate.  This time, I made champorado. For those of you who does not know what it is, it is a rice porridge in Philippine cuisine.  It is usually made of rice, boiled with dark chocolate powder, sugar and milk where it gets its distinct brown color and sweetness. I always use sticky white rice because I love how it just melts in my mouth.  I also bought this dark chocolate cacao tablets from our trip in Mexico that just gives that rich chocolate flavor.

And because we don't get a lot of rain around here, I still refuse to buy rain boots.  I wore my Australia Luxe Collective sheepskin lined boots.  Always manages to keep my feet warm!
Troy came with us even when he hates getting wet
 There are these days when all we want to do is cuddle up and wait for a better day to come out.  Who says that isn't as fun as dancing in the rain?  I think whatever we do with it is up to us.  I hope while it rained on my side, someone had a great sunshine on their end. 

Here's another quote that I thought was nice. 

“God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way.”

  We love you Mummy Nors!


  1. I love Madison boots! its raining here the whole week but good thing its a long weekend..
    and yes, We love you Mommy Nors!
    We really miss your posts and hopefully we can see you soon.

  2. Thanks. You know, her boots were filled with water when we decided to go back inside the house. Almost halfway through,

  3. Than you very much. I can say now that as each day passes by,I am now healing (physically and emotionally) bit by bit. As much as I want to just curl in bed and forget the world, I have a responsibility towards my family. Dearest Husband is also grieving and I have to help him as men generally are not showy/vocal with their emotions. Little Girl also, though very young to understand of what happened, but very aware that something's going on. She is just so clingy nowadays.

    We have rain after 2 weeks of sunshine. It was a rainy Easter weekend we have had. And just like you Mads, Little Girl doesn't mind getting her feet soaked in a very cold water. I have no idea what's with the puddle that just made her jump on it relentlessly with joy!