Friday, March 23, 2012

The Pretty Little Girls in Pink

DD and I always hang out at the library on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  She always loved books from the minute she was born.  In fact, she would do anything for a trip to the library.  I have no complaints, she learned how to read by the time she turned two. I especially like taking her on Weds because the library would have a small farmer's market  from the local growers and some booth for specialty food items.  It also means we have the library almost to ourselves.
Kiosk from local farmer's market

We have library to ourselves
She picks her own books
Excited to start reading it

Mommy lugs most of the books

She settles on the couch and  just loves reading anything about princesses
Mommy sits with her the entire time, even if seat is made for little kids
She always writes her name before she colors

Two hours later, we get ready to meet up with her friend at the park. She was so excited! she runs as fast as she could to look for Isabel.  We were there a little early so I told her to wait on the swing.
When her friend arrived, she was so happy.  They were inseparable. 
A beautiful friendship that started from dance class
They adore each other
Mommy was craving some ice cream so we decided to head off to Coldstone Creamery.  I don't really eat a lot of ice cream but ever since I was pregnant with Mads, this was one place I go to for my ice cream milkshakes.  They have all sorts of flavors and toppings to choose from.

And for this pregnancy, all I want is cotton candy ice cream with yellow cake.  Yum!
I almost forgot to take a picture, halfway through digging I realized I should have taken one first,lol
The girls were still stuck at the hip. They decided they both want strawberry ice cream.  Only reason? because it's pink.  These girls love pink.
I wonder what they are whispering to each other

We had a fun day, we decided to head home before dinner as both moms need to make dinner before the dads get home. I already overheard my DD concocting a plan to eat out for dinner with her friend just to prolong their time together so I instantly said no before it went too far. I was beat. Nevertheless, we all had a good time and it was time to say goodbye. Good thing about these girls, they just turn around and give each other a big hug with no problem.

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  1. Its a good thing that your DD loves going to the library, nowadays kids are into computer stuff, most of the time, kids here are holding ipads or nintendo instead of books. That's why they are wearing glasses at a very young age...
    ...I can really tell that they are very happy together! can't help to put a smile in my face. (bring back some memories with my bestfriend)