Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Authors Connection

Let me tell you a beautiful story of friendship that surpasses time, distance and career (and powered by technology).
This started when I embarked a beautiful journey in the Pharmaceutical industry.
I was a very young and an inexperienced lady when I moved to a different city for work.
This was how I met for the first time madsaboutu . She was exactly the same. We clicked on right away.
We would have sleep overs, synchronized work itineraries, lunches, shopping, partying, and a lot more you can think of  2 very young ladies  - all doing things together.
We had about 2 beautiful years together in Cagayan de Oro City when we both decided to move forward with our careers - Madsaboutu moving to a different company and city; and me  - moving as well to another company (in fact I replaced her!)
This was from  year 1999-2002.

Madsaboutu moved to Cebu City in 2001  and a year after I followed her.
We did again all the same things together and at one point lived in the same house.
But a year after we felt we have to move on.
She left the industry and packed  her bags and went to the USA  to venture for a new and better life.
At the same time I also went back to my hometown, Davao City, as that was what I had always wanted to do.  I was still working for the same company. This was in 2003.

me and madsaboutu in Boracay, Christmas 2002

with another friend still in Borcay Christmas 2002

Bacolod New Year 2003

Madsaboutu and I  might not be physically together for girlie adventures but we still  kept in touch and updated each other thanks to the technology - cellular phones and that time Friendster.

We never saw physically each other again  until 2007 when I went to the USA for a business trip. Madsaboutu was already starting a  young  family and I at the time had already changed careers - from the Pharmaceutical  industry to the Manufacturing and Exportation.
madsaboutu and me, 4 yeats after. Redondo Beach, California August 2007

I saw again Madsaboutu on June 2008 when they visited Philippines.
At that time, I was very busy with my engagement and wedding and for a whole new life ahead in England.

All these time throughout my friendship with Madsaboutu I was also building a beautiful friendship with 9to6mom.
I could not exactly recall how I've met her but certainly  it would be in one of those National Conferences in Manila our company would often have.
This would be somewhere around the start of my career with my 2nd Pharmaceutical company, year 2001.
me and 9to6mom at our company Christmast Party, Pearl Farm 2003

And just like with madsaboutu, 9to6mom and I hitted on right away.
We shared the same interests  - bags, shoes, movies, clothes and including the world of dating.
We often  shared and compared notes in our fields of interests.
We don't see each other often times because we were on the opposite sides of the country but we do get plenty of opportunities through conventions and conferences.
And everytime we had the chance/s, one can expect plenty of shopping. Mango brand was one of our favourites.
Boracay, April 2005

Career wise,  both I and 9to6mom wanted to progress internally so we joined the specialist team of our company. 
Although she joined the team earlier than me.  
This gave us more opportunities to be together.

The Faverin SpecialistTeam

Madsaboutu and 9to6mom at one time  had met and known each other.
This must be prior to 2001 because that was the year Madsaboutu left the company and me replacing her.  9to6mom joined the company earlier than me.

2006  was the year that  both 9to6mom and I  bade farewell to the Pharmaceutical industry.
I did it on March and she  followed suit a  few months later.
I moved to the printing industry (for a very brief stint)  and she moved to Singapore.
Our last national conference together with our previous company - Edsa Shangri-la, January 2006

We still kept in touch through emails, chats and of course Facebook.

Four years after, we saw each other again.
It was on December 2010 during my family's Singapore holiday.

I was already starting my family and 9to6mom was already very much settled in her new life in Singapore.

And a few months after 9to6mom came to  visit us here in England in July 2011.
Shugborough Estate, Staffordshire England- July 2011

The three of us are all friends with each other on Facebook.
We still share and compare notes on our fields of interests.
Although these has already expanded (from shoes, bags, clothes)  to more about parenting and housekeeping and life in general as a mother and wife.
We do it oftentimes (everyday actually) on our private conversations.
We long for the day where we can  finally synchronize our home coming and our families can finally meet each other.

Now, the three of us are pregnant (with 4 and 2 weeks apart  respectively between us three) and are expecting our babies in the Autumn. Now, isn't that more than CONNECTION??


  1. I didn't know you kept all those pictures from years back! I had a laugh looking at them. Btw, Vanessa is already in Canada with three kiddos!

    I think 9to6mum and I met before you did. She and I were both with the company and met during one of the after parties on those conferences. Somewhere like hard rock? I am not sure, maybe she can recall better. lol

  2. As far as I can remember, the three of us went clubbing either Shangrila or Hard Rock.
    Oh how I wish we have a chance to have holidays together with our kids...I think it will be fun!

  3. I have a good laugh too!
    and look at Emilia, she is still a baby and though she is really heavy, I love carrying her, she's such a good girl(she doesnt know how to cry..)