Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mothering Sunday 2012

Mother's Day in the UK  is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Lent .
This is the equivalent of  the Mother's Day in other countries (such as mine) from  where it is normally celebrated on May (not sure now if it's on the 2nd or 3rd Sunday).
But on a happier note, this means some British mums,  if not all, gets to be greeted twice in a year, how lovely!!

Little Girl got her grandmother (or Nanny as she calls her) a personalized, hand made card.
We  just find it beautiful and more meaningful with its  personal touch.
Plus it's also  a method of encouraging Little Girl to appreciate and develop any artistic inclination she might have.
It's also a good bonding between Mummy and Little Girl.
It was just simple. We bought ready to made blank cards and a variety of stickers and she  already owns colouring pens conforming to her age.

And this is the card Little Girl laboriously and proudly made for her Nanny (with a little bit of help from Mummy of course).
It might seem to appear to anybody just scribbles really  but for us it is way BEYOND  that.
It is,  that our baby is now a Little Girl with a mind and creativity of her own, recognizes and appreciates colours,  can grasp them properly,  and most importantly, consciously aware that she's done something for her Nanny that would make her very pleased  and proud.

card's front page

the inside contents
She loves the In the Night Garden characters particularly Upsy Daisy so that explains the choice of stickers.

Little Girl also got her Nanny a special mug

And this is our general present for her Nanny: an electric sweeper as a Mother's Day  present from children to their mother and from granddaughter to her grandmother.
I chose this as she loves and appreciates  the convenience of it.
I own one and she sees it all the time, so I should know better.

Which I hurriedly wrap in it's delicious licorice allsorts gift wrap while Little Girl was having her afternoon nap.  I don't I mind her helping with chores but not this time with a pair of scissors around.

I just added a bit of ribbon and let Little Girl scribble her name.

And true enough, as soon as she opened and found out about her present she was so happy and thankful. Shared that just this morning she was already planning on asking me later in the day in getting her exactly the same thing.
Thank goodness we got her the perfect mother's day present!!

Mummy too has got something from Little Girl.
Here's her card for Mummy:

And I let her colour it afterwards,

And here's her mother's day present for Mummy.
 Dearest Husband said she picked this up by herself. They were out on their own yesterday because my pregnancy hormones was taking over me and I just couldn't manage dragging myself out of the house.

A Mummy and Me Pink Cuddly Bear

We started our day going to church. We go to our local St. Peter's Catholic Church.
We don't go to church very often because we have a problem getting out of bed very early especially on a cold weekend mornings!

Little Girl wasn't in the mood for some picture taking because she was more into finishing her CBeebies TV program. Here she is trying to open the front room door to get back to TV watching.
Little girl wearing a designgem Green Floral dress
Pumpkin Patch white tights
Hush Puppies tall boots

Afterwards we quickly visited a Filipino shop in Kidderminster and got home with my Filipino goodies:
and these truly made my day! After all isn't it Mother's Day today??

My parents-in-law came round in the afternoon to join us for Mother's Day Lunch. Roast Pork, Lamb Tagine, Cauliflower Cheese, roast potatoes and parsnips  were served finished with some vanilla ice cream.

And the weather finally brightened up after a gloomy and drizzly start. Must have listened to it's mother!!
The  view outside this morning from Little Girl's bedroom

Now, isn't it just LOVELY to be a MOTHER?? Certainly challenging at most times but definitely rewarding and fulfilling all the time.

A Very Happy Mother's Day to all British Mummies out there (whether in Britain at the moment or not)!!!


  1. Happy mothers day nors! I have forgotten about the red sardines, that would be good with some miswa noodles...I am going to look for those in my pantry, I know I have them somewhere. You and lg looks so cute in your outfits.

  2. Happy Mothers Day Nors!
    My dinner for tonight will be that red sardines with lime on the side..yummy
    I love the picture of Emilia in the dining table...looks like the little girl wants to say something and Daddy is not agreeable with it...