Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dear Readers

Welcome to our blog. Call me Madsaboutu. I am one of the contributors. This is sort of a spin off of what seemed like everyday conversations my friends and I would have on our private facebook group messaging. It just got harder and harder for me to type messages in my phone and our conversations just kept getting more interesting that I thought to myself, why not go back to blogging? My all time favorite past time.

Here I am. I live where the sun rarely ceases to shine, where else? California. I am mom to this darling 4 year old who's smile makes my life worthwhile, Mads.

What better way to get to know a woman better? Is to check what's in her bag.

Miu Miu satchel purse

Burberry prorsum haymarket wallet, Prada sunglasses, DG reading glasses, Lorac make up kit, Prius keys, Purell hand sanitizer

What I had for dinner:
Sashimi salad, California tempura roll

Our blog. Three mommy's who live across the world, all expecting their dragon babies at the end of this year. We wish to share with each other the joys of our life stories and hope that we bring in some insights and cheer to those of you who take the time to stop by to read. All comments are appreciated.


  1. Summer Clothes and sunny hat! Wonder when can we have the chance to wear these in gloomy Britain? Your purse and its contents look heavy to me, I hope they're not killing your shoulders. But weight aside, they're gorgeous! And uhm, the salad, craving now for some leaves again with the balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing.

  2. Thanks, my purse alone is actually not heavy but with everything in it, it does get heavy. It has a long sling so it can go around my neck. I don't usually carry everything with me when I go out but I worked yesterday and those items are what's in my purse when I do. The salad was so good esp the sashimi, I had to get them takeout cuz I was craving them bad. Although,We have to be careful eating raw food.