Monday, March 19, 2012

I've Got Mail

What a joy of receiving a mail from your friend on the other side, telling that they remember you and acknowledging that she also took the time to carefully fold it,  put it in an envelope and  walked to the postbox to mail it, all of this because she thought of me! Thanks MommyNors!

Handcrafted cards from Marks & Spencer
Taken with Instagram

And let’s be perfectly honest, who doesn’t like getting mail that isn’t a bill nowadays?


  1. You're very much welcome and very happy to know you like it! I had originally bought you a pink card for just mummy-to-be but I realized that joys of 1st pregnancy is not just experienced by the mothers but dads as well. So I look everywhere for parents-to-be. It's been difficult getting one. There are plenty of cards when baby arrives but not when baby's still inside. Keep it and put in your baby memory box. Oh, here I go again with memory box, think I might blog about it. Have a good day!

  2. I agree its good to get mail that are not bills!thanks for my card too nors