Sunday, March 18, 2012

Singapore "A Fine City" my second home...

Let me tell you a little about my second home...
Singapore has been well-known as a "fine" city, which has two different meanings.
One as a fine city to be living in while another means fines that keep the country in order....
I've been living in Singapore for 5 years and so far im living and loving it though i still continue to adjust to city living and the Singapore way of life.
I love it here and it is really a good place to stay and raise a family.
Other than hot, humid and sticky most of the time with sudden and unpredictable rain-spells.
Day-time temperatures hover around 32 degrees Celsius and humidity level at around 84% that makes me uncomfortable (esp for my bags), it is a fine city in other aspects...
1. I need to have only the summer clothing and wear flip-flops all year round.
2. There are different varieties of foods, Chinese foods, Malay foods, Indian and Western foods.
3. This city has a lot to offer - security and safety being its unique advantage. (You can jog at 10 pm without worrying).
4. The city is clean and green, with fairly acceptable pollution levels. The Residents live harmoniously despite their varied ethnic backgrounds.
5. It has an excellent public transport system, which makes it easy to get around without a car.
6. Public Toilets are taken seriously
7. and the most important thing, Free Grocery delivery!
But if you are visiting Singapore, better take note of this...


  1. I loved Singapore when I visited and would like to go visit it again. I agree that it is definitely a safe place in comparison to most asian countries I've been to. I remember walking on the street shops past 11 pm and getting worried I had to walk back to our hotel and was really surprised not a single person creeped me out. I use to describe it as feeling like being watched or that everyone was in a part if a I know I have another friend to see if I come back, yay!

  2. Btw, do they still fine you if you eat bubblegum? :)

    1. Yes, they still fine you. But you can buy Orbit bubble gums only in the Pharmacy but you need to give your passport or IC No...

  3. I do agree. It's very clean, progressive and very safe. Dearest Husband and I walked from the Orchard to Clark Quay at night and felt very safe. It's a compact city yet very complete. And all year round sunshine, very lovely!! My only comment, food is expensive. Even more expensive here in the UK