Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday afternoon with the ducks in coordinated outfits

This morning today, we've missed our Barnt Green toddler group because neither Mummy nor Little Girl can't get out of bed before 8.30am.
In order to still have the rest of our day productive, we've decided  to go and see and feed the ducks at Jinney Ring in the afternoon. 
We were again on our typical British weather at  this time of the year, gloomy and still chilly.
Mummy and Little Girl have  decided to go out on coordinated outfits.

Here we are in our matching royal blue tops.
Little Girl on her long sleeve hearts Pumpkin Patch top and Mummy on her short sleeve Peacocks knitted top.

We also wore our Wellies because it keeps our feet warm, clean (remember we are feeding the ducks so we are out on a field) and dry (in case it rains).

Little Girl on a Red Peppa Pig Wellies by Mothercare
Mummy on Joules Printed Wellies

  Here's a closer look on Mummy's wellies with bird prints on it.

We also wore our Cath Kidston bags.
Mummy has a long standing love affair with Cath Kidston and will blog on this separately.
In the meantime here are our bags for the day:

Little Girl's Rose Bed Kids Mini Rucksack
 Mummy's Stand Up Tote in Devon Flowers

And here is the little girl itching to get out of the house!

The  temperature outside says 7C (bit of an overcast really and felt more like 2-3C) so a waterproof (in case it rains), warm coats is a must.
Mummy later on regretted on not wearing the proper British winter coat.

Little Girl on her Strawberry Faire Floral Mac
 Mummy on her Regatta Outdoor Coat 

 And finally here are the ducks of  Jinney Ring and with Little Girl having a closer look at them!

And here's our sky. Too gray (not even a shade of white or blue). 
As my mother-in-law would often describe  it - We only  got  one  big cloud covering the whole of Britain.

It was too chilly that my hands were so cold. 
I regretted again for not bringing any gloves so we went to the shops to warm up a bit. 
I love their gift shops. I can find true British craftsmanships in their items I so seldomly see in the mass produced High Street shops. 
I love decorating my house (I will again blog on this separately) and this is the kind of shop that lifts my spirit. Unfotunately, I didn't take a picture. 
But to give you an idea of what Jinney Ring's shops are like, here  have a look at  these:

So next, off we went to their restaurant. 
It looks like a converted barn building and again I'm in love with it. My kind of cup of tea. 
The first time I was here in Bromsgrove (October 2007) on a business trip  in Germany with a side trip to the UK my beloved husband took me here for lunch. 
We were not boyfriend - girlfriend yet. We were still on a supplier - client relationship. (But it was on this trip that our romance blossomed!) 
The food was just more than delicious! 
We often come here and my parents-in-law had their golden wedding anniversary celebration with friends and family about a 1.5 years ago.

And I've got myself a hot chocolate drink (to warm up my freezing body) and  double chocolate cake as they call. (My picture of this is in my phone and unfortunately it didn't upload properly).

While Little Girl was  playing,

And running around!

Later on beloved husband  joined us.

And we went back outside to feed the ducks with the rest of the bread we've got for them.

There's a bunch of them, very greedy and happily surrounding Little Girl.

Soon, all of our bread's gone and the weather was just getting colder.
It's about time to call it a day and go home as Beloved Husband  is still working on a factory visit 60 miles away in the night.

So what started as "sort of laziness" still ended on something productive and fun.
Gloomy weather or not, we have to make the most of what we've got.
Now, Mummy's signing out and returning to her top of the priority jobs to do, parenting and housekeeping. 


  1. Very cute rainboots! Your posting made me realize I should never complain about the littlest clouds we rarely get here in California. Mads likes feeding the ducks too but ours gets nasty and greedy, they will peck your clothes if you run out of

  2. Thank you. I already bought little girl her wellies on bigger sizes in advance. I like it how their age can get away with any bright, bold patterns and still look so cute and adorable. I was like you before forgetting to be grateful to Mr. Sun. In fact, most often times, hating him. Now, I'm praying for him to come and visit us here in Britain as often as he'd like because he's very much welcome here! Thankfully again, the ducks were a bit disciplined or I just didn't let little girl have any bread on her hands. I was too scared the ducks might also peck on her because they keep on surrounding her!