Friday, March 16, 2012

Overcast Skies

I'm off from work today. I heard the pitter patter of little feet from the hallway across the room from me and knew that I am not getting any minute more of sleep. " Mom, I am hungry. I want to make pancakes!" So what else is there to do than drag myself off my nice warm bed. Today is going to be cloudy, I fear. I can already tell from the dull, subdued light coming from my window. Thing about having a kid, you can't just sleep off your own hunger pangs because you have to worry about somebody else's tummy.

So we head down to the kitchen, my DD's energy is at least rubbing off a little on me. I have a slight headache, but I offer to help her in making breakfast. By helping, it means I try to at least let her do the mixing of the batter and do the rest as I fear the kitchen will be a nightmare by the time we are done.

I looked over and saw my mangoes have ripened and thought of an idea. I am making Mango lassi. Here's my own recipe. I don't use mango puree to make this which makes it thicker than the usual. I like to use the real ripened yellow mangoes, especially ones from the Asian market.

A cup of greek plain yogurt ( i like Fage the best)
4 ripe mangoes
3 tbsp of white sugar
1 1/2 of skim milk
4 cubes of ice

Put everything in blender at onces and mix. It is ready to serve. I like mine a little cold thus I added cubes of ice. Here's our breakfast.

After a hearty breakfast, we decided we'll go visit the library to exchange books for Madison. I check the skies from our backyard.

I decided to pick the tomatoes from our small garden.

Went back inside to do the laundry and decided to clean Madison's ballet shoes before she starts dance class again this spring. Btw, I always use this saddle soap cleaner for all of my leather purses. They work the best, it does not strip the leather of its natural color. You can find them at any Target store or specialty shoe shop.

Done with almost all my chores. Now I need to get ready and take DD out. I am not letting this lackluster weather stop me. Have a Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Love the pancakes! And Mads really beginning to look a lot like you. I'll try to look for your saddle soap cleaner here or a similar one. I have problems too with my leather bags coming home realizing it just didn't get dirt on it but sometimes, worse, stain! I hope you have had a lovely day out with your DD bright sky or not! Have a happy weekend.

  2. I tried to make the most of our day but had a massive headache when we were getting ready to leave. It's been on and off for a few days now. I swear there are days I wonder what I got myself into. This pregnancy hormones are not helping me at all. It is just playing tricks on me. I have back pain, I get light headed, constant bathroom breaks and then this headache. Urgh.

  3. Oh so sorry to hear that. I, too am not feeling well. We were suppose to go out in the morning to get Little Girl a new toddler bed (the existing one is her cot bed but thought might put this away now in preparation for the arrival of the second one). But I ask Dearest Husband to carry on with some shopping and bring Little Girl with her and play in the park after. I don't want them tied up in the house just because of me not feeling well. I'm having headaches as well and diarrhea (pardon me for this ). I couldn't blame it for food because I'm still eating the usual. I'm craving now for some Filipino food. Okra with bagoong, cucumber salad and boiled egg with sliced tomatoes. Having grilled bangus tonight with soy sauce dip and plenty of tomatoes with it.

  4. Look at those tomatoes! perfect match for my marinated beef strips, fried egg, and garlic fried rice. yummy....

  5. I actually laughed at my tomatoes, they are a hybrid considering they grew originally from my compost pile by accident thus the reason why they are of all sorts of

  6. Mummynors, okra with bagoong...omg I have forgotten to try that....that is tempting! Dang my shrimp allergy