Friday, March 16, 2012

Shoes ... and more Shoes! For the Ever Growing So Tiny Feet!

Today, I found Little Girl in her bedroom and I wasn't surprise to see clutter everywhere.
There were shoes everywhere.  
I kept all her outgrown shoes ( in its packaging as much as possible - box and receipt together)  at the bottom drawer of her wardrobe.
I think I need to put all of them  now somewhere else - out of her sight and most of all out of her reach!
She is now into the stage of opening cupboards, drawers and doors.
 I just  need to put things now as high as possible.

I was putting all the shoes back in order when I noticed this pair of shoes - this was Little Girl's  first proper shoes and it was 15March 2011  when she had her first proper shoe fitting (thankfully the receipt was there to remind me) at our local Blunts Shoes.

Clarks Smokey Brown Shoes, Size 3 1/2 F

I then realized when I look at the collection of shoes in front of me the number of pairs the Little Girl  have had amassed in the past 12 months - a total of 21 pairs of shoes so far!  (these excluding the 3 pairs  I've left in the Philippines last Christmas while we were on  our lovely, sunshiny holiday and the 3 pairs of bigger sizes I have bought for her in advance).
That would be an average of 2pairs/month for such tiny pair of feet.
With the rate that she's going, Dearest Husband has to work doubly hard to finance this shoe extravaganza.

Join me as we look at Little Girl's shoe collection and where she had worn them.
  •  Her very First Proper Shoes were she mostly wore it establishing her walking.

Clarks Smokey Brown Shoes, Size 3 1/2 F 

  •  First Summer Sandals
Clarks Fun Time Hot Pink Leather UK size 4F
Which she wore to Summer 2011'  very few warm, sunny, dry days

  •  First Trainers:
Hello Kitty Gracie Mid Pink UK size 6

Which she wore on her First Scotland Holiday. Here's the Little Girl at the Sun Deck of The Royal Yacht Britannia

And also on her First Trick or Treating

  • First Wellies:
Barratts Blue Hearts Love Wellies UK size 4

  •  First Holiday Sandals which I had to persuade the sales lady at John Lewis to check their stockroom for any  unsold sandals her size left over from Summer. 
Clarks Leather Sandals UK size 6F

Which she wore on our Christmas 2011 Philippine Holiday

  • And this was supposed to be her First Holiday Sandals, unfortunately I didn't anticipate her tiny feet could grow that quick!

Hush Puppies  Mac Pherson on Lime Green UK size 5.5

Which I let her wore when we had a very unusual high temperature at the start of Autumn

  • Of course there were other shoes she got which she wore to several places: 
At Buckingham Palace wearing a  Clarks Star Love Brown Leather Shoes UK size 5F

Following pictures showing little Girl in her Clarks Pink Leather Shoes UK size 4 1/2F
Blenheim Palace


And on her very First Barrio Fiesta in London

I  stopped buying Little Girl half sizes shoes as soon as her walking was established. I just didn't find it practical esp. as she only get to wear a pair of shoes for about 6 weeks - and off to the next size. If the shoes still a bit lose, then a thicker  tights would help or in the case of Wellies,  the welly socks!

First Boots, a brown UK size 6

  • Little Girl on Her First Snow:

Kiddorable Pink Wellies UK size 7

  • And these are her current favourites: Little Girl's shoe size is now UK 7. 
Clarks Shoes with Flashing Lights UK size 7F

Hush Puppies Tall Suede Boots UK size 7

I have already bought Little Girl, a  new set of  shoes in her next size:
Both from Clarks Shoes, UK size 8

Joules Junior Welly Girls UK size 8

And to think these are just on her First year in wearing Proper Shoes!!

Had enough of shoes now, just wants to wish everyone a very Happy Weekend and a Very Happy Mother's Day for Sunday  to British Mummy Bloggers who happen to pass by  this blog of ours.


  1. Lol... I should have warned you about kids shoe buying earlier. I bought Mads tons of shoes before she could even crawl and realized I masked my shopping problem by buying stuff for her whether it was necessary or not. They only outgrow it quickly up to age 3, their feet will start growing 6 months apart after that but you will still end up buying shoes because the moment they start pre-school they get into all sorts of things like climbing tree houses and then it fills up with sand from their playground and its so dirty you want to throw them away.

    Good thing about keeping her baby shoes though is if you are having another baby girl, she has tons to inherit! I gave mine away as soon as she outgrew them, I would always offer the nicest shoes to friends and me extra room for new

    Your LG has your eyebrows and expressions, love it! Especially love the expression on her face sitting in that green chair taken in the phils.

  2. Little Girl had also several pairs of pre walker shoes but ended some of it losing its pair. We always come home with the problem so I stopped buying her and waited until she started walking to have her fitted and get the proper one . I never bought 2 same sort of shoes for her in 1 size. It's always like one pair of shoes, 1 Wellies. Of course during Summer she has to get sandals so that makes it three/ size and on colder months the sandals was replaced with boots (but Wellies is always an essential - for rain, snow, walking). I didn't give any of her shoes (except the ones when we were in the Philippines) and kept most of it for memento purposes plus the fact they are expensive, a pair would cost an avegage of £28.00. The bigger the size, the more expensive it becomes.

    I too love that picture. We call it the fed up face. She got that from her dad esp. when mummy's shopping and they're getting impatient waiting for me to finish, lol!

  3. I wonder who has more shoes the mom or Emilia lol?

  4. 9to6mom, the answer is little Girl! Not just with shoes but clothes as well.