Monday, March 19, 2012

My darling little lady and my cute little bump

This morning, I went to work late and decided I'll take my DD "darling daughter" to school.  I wake her up and told her to pick her outfit while Mom gets ready.  In a few minutes, she runs back to my room with an entire ensemble.  I didn't know what to say, "Are you sure you are allowed to wear a tutu to school?" The frantic nod gave me the answer.  "Ok.  You look really cute, I'll braid your hair so it's not a mess".   She was happy.

Ready for school
Playing with her toy spiders while waiting for breakfast

While I was getting dressed, I noticed my rings doesn't fit right on my finger.  I stopped wearing them for a while because I wear gloves at work all the time and I am always scared I'll lose them.  So I decided I'll wear them as a pendant for a necklace.  I remembered my rings use to fit me until I was 8 months pregnant with Mads, this time, its quite early.
 Here is my usual outfit to work.  Scrubs.  I can't say much about it, only that I am required to wear one.
  I come home early because I wanted to make dinner before hubby gets home.  I am sooo tired, but I am more hungry than tired.  When I am hungry I can think of meals I want to make rather easily.
We are vegetarians by choice at home, mainly because hubby is vegetarian and I hate to cook two different meals.  However, I do get the chance to eat meat from take-out and when we dine out so I don't mind.
Cauliflower, egg, and carrots fried rice still cooking in the pan

Grilled eggplants with parsley and basil

Potatoes in tomatoes
These are all meals that can be done easily within 30 minutes, one pot on boil (potatoes), one pot grilling (eggplants), one pot on saute ( fried rice).  One just needs to know how to micro manage.  I still had plenty of time left so I told hubby I am picking up DD from school as well.   Before I do that, here's a picture of my cute little bump at 11 weeks and 2 days.  Hardly anything, but enough to make me not fit into my skinniest of jeans.
 To my two yummy mommies, I am tagging you on the "show me your baby bump" picture. I hope everyone is having a nice warm day!


  1. Mads you are so lovely!! I love your choice of outfits. When I saw your ring picture I was already planning to comment get it off early while you can but you said it anyway. I had to have the jewellery shop cut my wedding and engagement rings because they got stuck and had them resized to fit my fat fingers at that time! I was 7 months with Little Girl. A few months after giving birth I went back and had my ring resized to fit my slimmer fingers. I have no plans of doing it again this time round so I'm taking it off while I still can.

    You've got a bump and you're showing. I like it!! I don't have yet really so perhaps wait for a few more weeks.Even the maternity leggings/jeans I'm wearing at the moment I have to fold them down because they're still quite big.

    I love the grilled eggplants. I was just thinking today of having fried sliced eggplants dipped in bagoong.

  2. You look so great with your baby bump! And your little girl is adorable! Enjoy!

  3. MummyNors, yup...the bump is there. Not too long ago I still had a flat belly...and also, I got my boobies back!yay.

  4. Walking on Sunshine, thank you for stopping by our blog!:)

  5. Your "DD" is so adorable and I love her fashion sense!
    I love eggplants too but not with the bagoong, I like to match it with tomato salsa with Braggs Liquid Aminos on the I'm hungry!

  6. Btw, Bing your baby bump is bigger than my bump...

  7. My favorite sauce with eggplants is with soy sauce with lemons, chopped garlic and hot vinegar :

    So I am the only one gaining belly weight? Oh no!lol