Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm Taking a Break

Yes, I'm taking a break, temporarily. From blogging and domesticity but never on parenting.
These will just be for a few days until I get my old self back.

I'm now 10 weeks gone with this 2nd  pregnancy and just this middle of the week I started to have light brown discharges and cramping.
I'm alarmed!! Very alarmed.
This has never happened with Little Girl before.
I immediately sat back and relax. I must be doing things over bit.
You see, with this pregnancy I never felt any morning sickness (although it's a bit similar with Little Girl before - but I can say there were more signs of increasing pregnancy hormones before than with this one now).
I must have taken it for granted (unconsciously) that I'm pregnant and carried on with things as I had (2nd pre pregnancy days)- house chores wise.
And the incident this week might be my unborn child's way of saying calm down mummy, relax and take a rest.

Both doctor and midwife informed me that discharges and cramping are not really unusual especially on the early stage of pregnancy.
As long as there's no blood and the pain is still  endurable, there's not much to be done but to take a break and relax. So relax I did!
I was literally in bed all day and night.
Parents-in-law came round to look after Little Girl and took her yesterday to her Thursday toddler group.

I'm cancelling everything over the weekend because I just want to take precaution.
We are suppose to go to Leeds tomorrow for a birthday party.
 Little Girl's been invited to a princess and pirate party by the daughter of my classmate back from  university days.
As much as I'm looking forward to it, the 2.5 hours drive might be a big risk to take that I don't want my baby to be compromised with.
 Even shopping couldn't convince me either. Dearest Husband has been telling me to go out shopping once I started feeling better.
I've never been out of the house since Monday.
We didn't go to Little Girl's Tuesday Toddler group and I've cancelled  on the Wednesday evening girlie night out.
But as madsaboutu said to me last night, everything can wait.
Yes everything can definitely wait. Even the washing can wait. (I'm just so tempted to do several loads of washing because of the sunshine we've been having).
But yes everything can wait. For now, it will just be all about my baby #2.

Have a very happy weekend everyone and hoping I'll be back soon.


  1. Yes. Definitely take some time off. I hope you get better soon and get the reassurance from the doctor that everything is a OK. The sunshine will come and go. I heard we get to witness 25,000 in our lifetime anyway, give or take. We will miss your posts, but your health is more important.

  2. We all need a break sometimes. This month seems to have been crazy for a lot of people, myself included. So, take your time..Im sure all will be well soon and we will definitely miss your posts.