Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When mommies think they need a break

I can say I am a full time working mom.  I don't think I ever get a break.  I used to think that once I start going back to work, I get to at least have some time to myself.  I work every other day, 4 days a week 10 hours shifts all through the weekend.  DD goes to pre-school three days on weekdays and hubby gets to have her all day one day on a weekend.  It wasn't a tough choice for me to decide to embark on a new career as I was ready to go out after being a stay at home mom for over 2 years.  Now mind you, I loved staying home and taking care of my little one.  But just as DD wanted to get some social interaction with other kids, so did I.  I needed some adult conversations that does not revolve around what I did in my home all week.   On those three days that I am actually home with DD , I don't get to stay in bed as long as I want to.  I have chores to do like every other mom who stayed home all week.  Except mine are all piled up until I find the time to get to it.

Today,  DD runs to my room at 8:00 AM, I told her mommy needs to sleep some more because I was sick all night with a bout of morning sickness.  Yes, for the first time in this pregnancy, I was nauseous in the middle of the night.  DD cooperates and snuggled in bed for a few minutes and got bored so she looked for the remote and turned tv on to Disney channel.  Now, there is no way I can sleep with Jake and the Neverland pirates overhead.  Plus my bladder was telling me it's time to stop holding it.  I get up and tell DD it's time to go down for breakfast.  Not having it. Too busy with Jake.
Being stubborn about getting off my bed
I warn her that baby in mommy's belly is really hungry.  She gets up in flash.  As soon as she finished her favorite breakfast of mush ( cinnamon oatmeal), the first thing she did was to look for remote again and settled on my favorite glider.  This time Mickey Mouse clubhouse is on.
Watching Mickey mouse club house
I told her to help me clean up the house.  "Ok Mom, when my show is over." I know this channel runs 24/7 so I calmly refused and told her that we must finish cleaning up otherwise we can't leave the house to go to the library.  That did it.  She started picking up the puzzle pieces she left the night before.  I know my kiddo too well. lol
Cleaning up her own mess
I started dusting off  the shelves.  We get a lot of dust even when our windows are never open. I live in around Los Angeles and that is one thing we live with day to day.  Here's my favorite household cleaning products aside from vinegar that I use for my kitchen and bathroom tiles.

 I always try to be good to my environment

 I go to DD's tiny playroom.  It is not really an actual room.  It used to be a coat closet that we converted into a storage area for all her toys.  I hate to see any toys in our living room so this was a perfect remedy because it was located near our living room giving her easy access to take out and put things away.  I dump every toy in here until we get time to organize things.  I already gave away most baby toys and kept just the ones that she still plays with and those small enough not to clutter our space.  I know that will change the moment baby #2 gets here. 
A 6x4 feet coat hanger room turned into toy storage

This room is small enough for a 4 year old to clean on her own without being overwhelmed, but look at what happens when I tell her to put toys in order.  She decides to take them out to play.

Oh well, that should keep her busy while I finish my chores and get ready to take ourselves to the library.  I am still not feeling so great but there's stuff to do and places to go to. I hope everybody is feeling a little better today than yesterday!:)


  1. Mads, Little Girl is exactly the same as you!! As soon as she wakes up the first thing she says is CBeebies mum (for her TV shows). I feel guilty sometimes because if I want things done right away, I'll let her watch TV -I feel as if the TV is becoming her playmate or nanny so I limit her TV watching.

    Isn't it thatonce you start having children(no matter how big or small your space is) you will find them everywhere- I mean their presence. There is always a piece of them in every part of the house. Even in the bathroom!

    1. I agree. Even the bathroom has toys. I always step on one in the middle of the night and its so frustrating because its the tiny pieces that I know I wont remember where I put them away and she ends up looking for it a month later.

  2. Oh your DD is so beautiful! she looks like one of her dolls! Does she name her dolls?

    My hubby, I usually call him "my love" and I have an agreement that we will buy only "few & practical" toys for our little angel, we want him to play outside and interact with other kids...But I wonder if this will happen????

    Since yesterday and I think until Friday, will not be working, I still feel weak, I just want to stay in bed and sleep...But I hope the two of you are well and having a great day!

    1. Thank you. She does name her dolls, I just don't remember what they are because she changes them every

      I agree about not buying a lot of toys. Most of her toys were bought by family and friends for her birthdays and holidays and it just keeps accumulating. We only bought toys for her as rewards for good behavior. We always felt letting her earn toys is better than just giving in to every requests for no reason. The first year, kids don't really play with other kids yet, they just play on their own and it's good to buy smart toys such as building blocks and simple puzzle inserts until they start interacting with other kids.

      Take your time off from work, it really is a good thing to recuperate :)