Friday, June 15, 2012

Another Year Older

I hate to admit this.  I just turned 33.  Another year older, and I am starting to dread my birthdays.  I feel like my life has just begun and my age keeps betraying me.  I keep reminding myself, Age is nothing but a number.  With my ever growing belly and constant back pains due to my pregnancy, I actually feel old.  Darn it.  I will just have to keep looking forward for the time when I get my body back again.  That soon enough, I will have this baby and feel like my self again.  Pregnancy feels like someone invades your body and you have no control over it.

There are some perks with having birthdays.  I get pampered and get nice presents. hahaha. This year, DH presents me with 4.5 carat earrings.  He was right on the weight I was hoping for, just not the stone, hahaha.  He said, that one will come in time, maybe after saving for another 10 years.  Mads kept saying she had a hard time keeping it a secret, as they bought it a week earlier. That was actually amazing she managed to do that.  She's not one to keep her mouth shut.

Blue Topaz in 4.50 cts set in white gold
A real beauty irregardless. I loved it.

So just to show you I was not kidding when I said my belly is growing at a tremendous pace.  You decide for yourself.  I posed with my close friend Nell so you can tell the difference.  I was as skinny as her before! Now, she looks like my kid next to me.  Sad but true.

With Nelly
 My maxi dresses are the only ones that fit me now.  I have gained 20 lbs by far and I have about 16 weeks to go.  I did manage to take photos of myself with the maternity jeans I bought from GAP.  I fear, this will only last me for a few more weeks.

With a loose top from H&M, Gap Maternity corduroy pants, Toms University shoes in red
And this skinny jeans are also from their maternity line.  I bought a new pair of Toms shoes as well because they are so comfy!

My favorite mexican patterned top, GAP maternity skinny jeans, Toms shoes corduroy in teal
Of course, my DD has to pose for pictures too.

My friends keep telling me that I am so lucky because I don't get fat with pregnancy.  Are you kidding? I can only hope I can keep my weight down to another 10 lbs for the next 16 weeks.  My goal is to at least keep the weight gain at 30 lbs.  This is proving to be harder than it seems.  I never had to deal with this issue with my first child.  Oh well. We shall find out not too soon enough.

I also have another good news! I have a pending job offer.  It's just a matter of deciding whether its something I can deal with at the moment.  I am trying to negotiate the hours and I fear it is something that I will hate. Sigh. 

I finally checked my mailbox and saw this card for my birthday.  Thanks MummyNors! That was sweet of you.
I almost thought this lady in the pic has a baby bump. lol
Until next time! I hope you all have a nice day:)


  1. I have that same H&M top, LOL. You look great!

    1. Thanks DZ...I don't feel so great but it helps to have friends that think I look great,hehehe.

  2. Drooling with the bling Bing!
    Your bump is really big but you still look great....
    Big bisous to you DD, she is so lovely.

    1. Yup, and it will just keep getting bigger. I am more worried about the baby's weight gain than my own so I am back to eating salads and fruits. I think the french fries and sweet rice diet got to

  3. You are very much welcome and very glad you liked the card. I just thought it best describes you -your own way of saving the planet Earth and of course, passion in shopping.

    Do not worry about your weight gain, in 4 months time you will have a lovely little baby boy and from what I see I think all the weight is just because of your tummy, so most likely half of that would go away as soon as after delivery and the next half with the breastfeeding/childcare. You do not look big in jeans, must just be the maxi dress.

    Take care and kisses to Madison. She's growing every beautifully.

    1. Thanks. The jeans are still 25R in Gap maternity, I thought that will last me until the end of my pregnancy but I highly doubt it. Thank goodness summer is here and I can get away with wearing dresses.