Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Ball 2012 Preparation

Every June our Rugby Football Club always organizes a Summer Ball.
It is a yearly event most members look  forward to.
A night to remember of merrymaking, good food, good company, good wine and lots of partying.

I too, always look forward to this event and getting ready makes me feel excited.
It always reminds me of the National Conferences during my Pharmaceutical days where it is a formal party of the year and everyone has the opportunity to dress-to-impress with the strict dress code.
The Summer Ball has exactly a similar aura to it.

Even though  it is still about 3 weeks away I still cannot help but  get ready.
We have a busy schedule ahead for this month  (trips, birthday parties,) so I think it is necessary to shop in advance for the very important dress although it is just really an excuse not to contain my excitement.
I have been shopping for my dress since Wednesday this week.
I first found  a full length white maxi dress from Jump Apparel with a fishtail skirt. It was beautiful and it clung to  my body perfectly although I was not sure with the white colour.
Next I found a red satin  knee length one shoulder dress. The only problem was that there was no size for me.
It was also the same dilemma I had when I saw a Ben de Lisi little black dress.
A  bandeau dress with a big bow in front and full pleated skirt.
It was extra gorgeous as it was on a 70%  reduction from its retail price of £145 but then again, there was no size for me.
Friday came and I still went out checking for that elusive dress.
Little Girl was not particularly up to it and was crying the whole time we were out although I was almost tempted to purchase a Jessica Howard dress that I saw.

So today I asked Dearest Husband to accompany me to  Bicester Village  because of its Coast outlet.
I have always loved Coast dresses for occasions and have previously mentioned it in one of my posts.
As Little Girl was with her daddy I had all the time to check all the dresses and tried them without any bored toddler to worry after.

After 2 hours of fitting on several dresses I was faced with a predicament every girl usually experiences when it comes to shopping. I could not decide which dress to purchase.
Here are the said dresses:

A royal  blue bandeau dress.  The colour and the fit were  almost perfect.
Although it was a UK size 10 the chest area was a bit tight so I could not imagine risking the rest of the night just because I am uncomfortable dress.

Yellow figure hugging dress. The fit was just perfectly comfortable but the colour and the style does not seem appropriate to the occasion.
It breaks my heart not to choose this dress as I do love it!

Bardot Multi Stripe Dress described as a statement piece and a must have in one's wardrobe.
It has a contemporary bust detail and full pleated skirt. It is also fully lined with a concealed zip.

The picture above do  not really give full justice to the beauty of the dress as it is obviously wrinkled.
I must have to admit though that it is truly beautiful.
Everybody that I've asked for their opinion were all telling me to go for this dress.
They all said it complemented my colour and body shape perfectly.  And it suits well to the occasion.
And priced originally  at £220 but reduced to £65 I could not help but  chose this one in the end.
I hope you will all agree with me.

Now that I have finally managed to get myself a dress and booked the salon for my hairdo I could not help but get more excited.
Anyway, let me share with you some photos from last year's Summer Ball:

I'm wearing a strapless, short dress by Teeze Me.

With girlfriends when everybody is still sober

And when the alcohol kicked in and dominated the night

Bobby Davro as special guest of the night
Bobby Davro as special guest of the night

Summer Ball is still a few weeks and a new pair of shoes away.
In the meantime I have to get on with my  Fifty Shades trilogy. I will blog on this for book review.

Have a very good night everyone and happy weekend too.
Hope everyone in the UK will have a fantastic Jubilee weekend celebrations.
Good night.


  1. I will go with the 3rd one just because both other dresses resemble that of the one you wore last time just in different color. I also like that it has a nice pattern to it. Either way, I am sure you will be able to work out any dress.

    1. I wasn't really sure with the colour of the 3rd dress. I prefer more of the dark, solid colours especially on evening occasions. I'm really concious of wearing pale/pastel colours against my skin colouring but the style, quality and total look of the dress just changed my opinion. Let us hope I am right.

  2. How I wish I am there too, I really love shopping with you.
    and I second the motion, I like the 3rd one too! I think the color is perfect for the "summer ball" and it matches your great color.

    1. sis our memories of getting ready for the National Conferences never failed to put smiles on my face. The way we scoured for cheap salons in Q.C, getting a free professional make up in MAC by by buying 1 item - that was fantastic, it was like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone and of course getting dressed in the hotel's parking lot, lol! Happy times!!

    2. it was fun, I really miss those days..btw I did that again when I attended my first Dinner & Dance party in Singapore but here its a bit different, you need to book for an appointment (for free makeover) with certain purchase.. hahaha

  3. Thanks ladies, glad you both agreed as I already bought it! Next hunt will be for my shoes but I still have time so nothing desperate shopping to do at the moment. I hope you 2 are having a great weekend, ours is wet again