Friday, June 29, 2012

Our DIY Princess Tower

Madison's 5th birthday party is coming up so we decided to start preparing for it a few months in advance.  Invitations were sent out a few weeks ago, her theme would be Rapunzel inspired by the Disney movie "Tangled".
Front and back layout of invitations
Last weekend, a big project was in stored for me.  I drove around the appliance store warehouses to look for the perfect box to make her princess tower.  We ended up with a stove box compliments of Sears.  It took some time and dedication, especially from my DH who did most of the job considering I have trouble bending over nowadays with my ever growing bump.  The pictures will probably tell the story better.

First, we gathered up some paint and laid it out in our backyard.  We had left over pink paint from DD's room and figured, what better way to make a tower look magical than to make it DD's favorite color.

We had to wait for paint to dry on two sides before getting on the other two
Next we had to measure how tall DD is so tower window is perfect for her height, we also decided adding another window for smaller toddlers on the other corner.  Then we drew boxes out of wide marker for the blocks.  This hurt my back, it had to be done while I was crawling almost in all fours for about an hour!
The back area of course has a door for the easy entry
And then we added cut out boxes for the top of the tower. Anything can be done with a hot glue gun!
She was so happy she could not help but play all night with it, she already decided to put her sleeping cot inside.  I do  hope it will last until the party!
What do you think? I think it will be a nice area for little kids to get their picture taken at the party
This project gave me another idea.  I need Rapunzel's hair to complete the look.   Today, I rushed to the craft store to get a pound of yellow yarn.  I cut it up about 4 ft long and was going to braid it until DD insists to do it herself.  This is what she came up with.

My very own Rapunzel with her long golden hair
Let down your hair
Her party is next weekend and I still have so much to do.  I am so happy I can still manage to get things done around even with my busy schedule.  I am planning on making a dessert station for the party.  I hope I can do it.

This  is what we do every 4th of July.  Hassle up for this darling child of ours.   We enjoy doing it to a great deal.

I hope you all a Happy Fourth of July weekend!:)


  1. great job there Mom & Dad! how i wish i am just near your place because I want to take a picture with Rapunzel..advance happy birthday DD cant wait to see your birthday pictures

  2. That's a beautiful tower fit for a princess! Well done Mom and Dad! And happy 5th birthday Madison, I can still remember you as a 6 week old baby when I first saw you, how time flies!