Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summmer Ball 2012

The weather may be unpleasant, as always, but it was another fun filled Summer Ball last night.
People dressed up to the nines with men looking dapper and women so elegant, mostly in black dresses.

Little Girl stayed at her grandparents house for the night (her first sleep over actually) giving me and Dearest Husband  the chance to really enjoy the occasion.
Some of our friends and Dearest Husband's work colleagues were also around to join in the fun.
Apart from the disappointing food, all else were good especially the drinks and the band.
I am particularly  thankful to Dearest Husband for making sure my glass is always full with Port wine. I just love it!

My dress, if you may well remember from my previous post, is somewhat a 1950's design with its full pleated skirt. It is of this reason that I asked my hairdresser to style my hair accordingly.
Unsurprisingly, she  proved her talent to me once again as she always did in the past.
Here are some pictures I want to share:

  Bardot multi stripe dress from Coast
  Suede Celestine Shoes from All Saints Spitalfields
  ring and bracelet by Jon Richard and drop earrings from Dorothy Perkins. 

I completed my  look with this evening clutch by Matthew Williamson

I just love my total 1950's look.  And when I looked at myself in the mirror I can see a 1950's housewife looking every inch of the domestic goddess.
One who can do all the houseworks despite looking like a diva.
The sight of Stepford housewives came to mind. How I wish I can look the same everyday!

We were in a table with our friends, same group as last year's.
I was seated next to a pregnant woman. She is 28 weeks gone and just the sight of her brought a very painful emotion I've been trying to contain in the past weeks.
Reality hit on me the longing I have  for the unborn child we lost so early.
I could have been 24 weeks by now if only miscarriage did not intervene.
Do not get me wrong, the woman next to me is so sweet and it is not her fault if I shed a bucket of tears last night.
After all, who am I to be unhappy for somebody's happiness?
But it is also a painful reminder of what  could have been and of what I just went through.
I've never been/chatted with a pregnant woman after the incident .
I guess, I still have a long way to recovery.

The night carried on beautifully.
There was a heads and tails game and for a minute I wasn't far from winning the £250 coveted price but in the end it went to a lovely man whom Dearest Husband works with.
The raffle prizes were also elusive to us but nevertheless the band brought out the dancing queens in us.
And danced we did abandoning our high heels. It was such fun!!

As with the previous summer balls, a photographer always comes round to help us document the night.
I checked his website and here are our  drunken photos.

And 24 hours after and here I am now enduring the aftermath of the occasion - nursing a hangover and a very bruised swollen left little toe.
Somebody must have stepped on it and I'm afraid I can't wear shoes in the next few days.
Yes, it is that bad.  But not so bad for me to withdraw the thought for the next ball.
Until  then Summer Ball 2013!


  1. i love the whole look..from top to toe its so chic! and pictures really tell that you guys really had some fun.

  2. Wow, what a nice way to go out and get all dolled up. I wish I have somewhere fancy to go to. You look great.
    I am sorry to hear about your bucketful of tears, it is normal to feel that way,just will take some time.