Friday, June 22, 2012

A Shout-out to My Little Graduate

I can't believe my DD just graduated Pre-Kindergarten.  It seemed like it was just yesterday when I first dropped her off on her first day of school.  We are so happy to see how much she has grown and how well she got along with other kids her age.  It meant a lot to us that not once has she ever cried to have to go to school.  Always been eager to learn new things, go out and join every bit of life's little adventures.  Our little baby...oh how time flies! We love you and are very proud to be your parents.

Here are some pictures from her Graduation today.

Singing their songs 
With her proud Daddy Vin
My Mini Me, such a poser
With her loving teachers
Our Little Graduate
Time to open her present
Sun-San Salt Water sandals in baby pink
While some kids would probably ask for toys for a present, mine always asked for new shoes.  She's always loved shoes even before she could say the word.  I especially got these Salt Water sandals in baby pink, she already owns one in red and that's one of her favorites.  These sandals are super comfy and are highly sought after parents who live around the beach.  They are made of leather that can get in and out of water and just gets better with age.

Also, I decided to take Madison to see the movie "Brave" as part of her graduation present.  Managed to surprise her by asking her best friend's mom if they could meet us at the theater.  She kept asking who I was saving the other seats for and was pleasantly surprised when Isabel arrived with her mother to watch the movie with us.   After the movie, we came home to get her Dad to join us for a nice dinner.  We told her she gets to pick any restaurant.  What did she pick? Soup Plantation! A salad/soup buffet place that she just loves.  Another peculiar choice for any other kid, but this one can devour her salad with no problem.  Of course, I also ended up stuffing myself and am now suffering from indigestion.

Have a great weekend ahead!


  1. Congrats Madison!
    Mommy Mads, this is the start of something big for DD and I think when it comes to posing you should ask some tips from her lol
    Well about her "love" for shoes, its a good sign
    "give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world"

  2. Big Congratulations Madison and mom and dad as well. How indeed time flies. It will be my little girl's turn next year to start school.

    I love your pretty dress Madison and that 3rd picture only proves the poser in you. Mom must learn from you the tricks in posing for pictures. What a very good choice for a present - learning early, that's good.