Friday, June 1, 2012

Motherhood Exhibition

It was my first time to attend this Motherhood Exhibition, which runs from 31 May to 3 June 2012 (11 am to 9 pm in Singapore Expo Hall 6B) and I was very lucky that my friend's sister accompanied me to this fair.
To avoid the weekend crowd, we both took a half day leave and visited the exhibition.  At every corner, there were pregnant bumps, babies in carriers, and parents with strollers on a Friday afternoon!  Oh boy! how glad I am to have gone on a weekday.

Initially, I was looking for some classical CDs or maybe a Belly Buds in promotion.  Unfortunately, I didn't see any Belly Buds but I was able to buy my Baby Classical Violin (2 CDs) at S$ 14.00

And because I am soooo scared to have a stretch marks! I also bought this Bio-Oil for S$15.00!
I heard so many good things about Bio-Oil and of course Mummy Nors recommended this to me.
So let's see if this one will work...

There is a gigantic booth offering Huggies disposable diapers and I got this Newborn Disposable Diapers for 3 for S$15.00 and I have my free Medela feeding bottle! (I was actually tempted to buy the Charlie Banana eco-diapers but my friend advised me not to, so will try this first..)

So, what did I buy to make our trip worth the money and time?

  • Nursing Bra for S$22.00 each (this is cheaper and nicer compared to the Marks & Spencer Nursing bra)
  • Tommy Tippee Electronic Sterilizer, Closer to Nature 260 ml BPA Free Bottles, Insulated Twin bottle carrier, Electric Bottle & Food warmer, Teats, Pacifier, and Disposable Breast Pads all for only S$169.00

  • Medela Calma (since I have my free Medela bottle!) for only S$26.24.00 (U.P.S$32.80)

Calma was developed using evidence-based research on babies' natural feeding behavior so you can enjoy your breastfeeding bond longer.
With Calma, the milk will only flow if your baby works and creates vacuum to remove the milk. This enables the feeding behavior learned at the breast to be used with Calma.

My friend Audrey bought a lot of Diapers, Baby Bjorn carrier, Educational CDs and more.
I think expecting Moms and already Moms may find visiting this Motherhood fair worthwhile.  I am so looking forward to visit another fair like this!

9 to 6 Mom


  1. It is beginning to look more real to you now sis, isn't it? I know exhibitions are great, use to do the same back working days, big sigh.

    It is exciting to shop for baby things although if only we are neighbours I can lent to you the sterilizer/bottles as Little Girl never had the chance to use it.
    Bio oil is a lot cheaper there. I practically live on that item during my pregnancy days.

    More baby shopping days to come and enjoy!

  2. And forgot to say the only thing to encourage breast feeding is to never introduce bottle feeding so stick with breast feeding even if you feel like giving up.

    1. Definitely, I want to breastfeed and I hope i have enough milk, did you take some fenugreek tea or tablets during pregnancy?

    2. Never heard of those things, what is it for anyway? I tried my best to stay away from any meds as long as possible while pregnant with Emilia. You will produce enough milk for your baby, so do not worry. It is the most natural thing to do.

  3. Oh wow, great baby item finds. I wish we have one here too. Madison never took the bottle so I ended up breastfeeding her until she was almost two. But that did not stop me from pumping because I made so much milk, I stored the milk in freezer bags and it lasted for about 8 more months extra. If you plan on staying home, it is easier to not have a bottle and just breastfeed but it will also be nice for hubby to have a chance to feed the baby with a bottle so they can bond and you will get a chance to sleep at night. I plan on doing that for the next one, I hope the baby will take a bottle because I felt like a prisoner of my own breast! I think it does not stop the milk from coming, its just a matter of baby latching to both...whatever that works for you, go for it! try out everything.

    1. I have to agree with you, I felt a prisoner too before especially as Emilia asked milk every 2 hours. I wished sometimes she would take the bottle but she just won't. I always associate bottle feeding with formula may be because I did not do both. But of course, I understand some mothers, especially the working ones their need to express milk and store it so even being away from their child does not make them stop breastfeeding. I was trying to tell Minnie that the way to establish breastfeeding is to not introduce bottle feeding/formula at the same time when she feels like giving up. The moment the baby get used to the formula, breast milk production will cease. Expressing or direct latching will always ensure continuous milk supply.

  4. i hope Tommee Tippee brand is a good one.. was choosing between Avent or Pigeon...
    I really hope that I can do that with my little friend told me that I should stop wearing underwires so that i can have more milk. do you believe that?

    1. I happen to read this and hope this helps:

      Soon after you fall pregnant your breasts will start to grow and change shape and both the surrounding skin and tissue will stretch to accommodate the extra weight. Without adequate support from the beginning of your pregnancy there is a risk that your breasts could lose their shape permanently and start to drop, causing tension and discomfort in your back, neck and shoulders. It is because of this that wearing a correctly fitted bra right from the start of your pregnancy is so important.

      The reason behind the medical world's recommendation is largely due to the fact that your breasts change shape so quickly as you progress through your pregnancy. As wired bras are more restrictive and don't expand to accommodate your changing shape they are more likely to interfere with these natural changes, obstructing the increased blood flow and compressing the developing milk ducts. As a consequence they can result in discomfort, cysts and even mastitis.