Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Beginnings of Summer

I was craving for some fish tacos so we decided to head out to El Gringo in Manhattan Beach to get me some grilled mahi mahi tacos.  It was a great excuse to head out to the beach once again! Who wouldn't want to? It was so nice out that it almost felt like Summer.  Of course, everybody else was thinking of the same thing as the beach was packed when we got there.
My little beach bum
My husband gets sunburn rather easily so we stayed close to the boardwalk so we could get some shade in case it gets too hot and we decide to overstay.
I get cold rather easily so I wear a light sweater to keep me warm
Such a Daddy's girl
She loves the sand and does her version of swimming on it
We had a great time as usual.  Then when we got home, a huge package was waiting in our front door.  I knew right away it was the infant car seat that I ordered online.  If you know me well enough, you would know I am a very impatient person so I did not wait to get it all assembled to check if everything is intact.  Now I just need to figure out where to store all the items I already purchased for new baby.
Maxi Cosi infant car seat 2012 "Mico" in gray cloud
This will work with the Quinny Buzz that I already purchased earlier.  You take out the chair from the stroller and use this instead so you don't have to constantly take baby out of car seat and stroller each time you go out.  Will work perfectly especially when baby is asleep and don't want to be bothered.  The car seat is very light so it's an added bonus.  We also have an extra car seat base for the other car so we do not need to take base out each time we change cars.

Quinny Buzz Stroller in red
Don't ask me why I did not stick to the color red.  When I purchased the stroller, I did not know I was having a boy yet so I figured red is a good neutral color.  On the other hand, I wanted the car seat to be gray to match the interior of our cars. If you take out the seat that came with the stroller, there won't be any red left so it will just be black and gray.  Makes sense?  Anyway, I still have to figure out what big car we are going to purchase...I am leaning towards a minivan vs an SUV.  I wish Toyota will make a Prius version in vans!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!:P


  1. look at that DD smile-so innocent and sweet! and talking about tacos, you make me crave for one now..where can I get it??
    Anyway, hooray! you now have a car seat and stroller..I heard that Quinny is amazing, when it comes to maneuverability, sturdiness, and ease of use--this is the stroller..the only negative thing I heard about this stroller is that it is that its pricey.

    1. Yes...somehow I am craving sushi, tuna tartare and fish tacos, I have to watch it though. The Quinny is not as pricey as the Stokke and Bugaboos, it's at least a couple hundred dollars cheaper than those expensive ones. But with the car seat and stroller, it runs about $800. The maxi cosi also has its own line of strollers if that will be a cheaper alternative. They are also of good quality.

  2. What a beautiful smile there you have Madison! Beautiful smile, beautiful day, beautiful weather, beautiful family!

    I know what you mean with the car seat ( I used to do the same with my Mamas and Papas) and I just saw exactly one earlier at the club, Quinny stroller with the Maxi Cosi seat.

    We are also looking for a bigger car now. Prius is launching a 7 seater anytime this summer and we are waiting for it. Citroen is also coming up with their hybrid version.

    1. Thanks MummyNors! :P

      Really? Is that the Prius V? I saw those around but I thought those were just 5 seater SUV? I prefer the sliding doors of minivan, so it would be great if it is a van. I have to look that up.

    2. I think they call it here Prius Plus. I'm not sure if it's called the same back there. We have not seen it yet when we went last to our local Toyota. Think will be going back there this weekend. The minivan is also good. I see some mums here with that. I think they call it here People Carrier.